Month: February 2022

Art Appreciation and Exploration

February 25, 2022

I was not home educated. However, some of the most impressionable and lasting memories of my education involved art. Art docents and authors visited my elementary school, and their work genuinely inspired us. It gave meaning and texture to my education as a whole. Of course, this is my personal experience, and I also realize […]

Cottonwood Star of the Week

February 17, 2022

Our Cottonwood Star of the Week is Ziva! Her mom says, “Ziva has been working diligently on her Speech and Language for almost 5 years, sometimes having 3-5 sessions per week. Now that she’s graduated to only having one quick weekly speech session, she has lots of time to explore her passions for art and […]

Live to Give

February 18, 2022

This week our students are learning about the Live to Give component of Create a Legacy – The only thing left when we leave this life is the impact we had on others and the world. The true meaning of our lives is only apparent when it transcends us. That’s why it’s vital to find […]

Cottonwood Star of the Week

February 11, 2022

Our Cottonwood Star of the Week is Andry: His mom says, “Nine years ago a little shy boy came to the dance studio to try out a ballet dance class. At first, he was not even sure if he liked dancing or not. He just kept coming to weekly classes because it was a better […]

The Socialized Homeschooler

February 9, 2022

Learning is an experience. It is far more involved than just what kids read or what they are taught; rather, real learning often happens best when we can weave in “doing.” When our kids engage in real-world activities and experiences, they are better able to apply their learning, find their interests, and make meaningful connections. […]

Introducing Our Student Publication

February 2, 2022

A few months ago, we were approached by an incredible student, Mariem, who was interested in starting a school newsletter. She put out a call for other students who wanted to participate, and the response was overwhelming. Since then, she and her team have presented a phenomenal final product that we are very proud to […]

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