Are there things you’re trying to figure out to work into your school day but struggling to get to? Morning meetings create great opportunities to regularly engage in activities that may be challenging to weave into a schedule already filled with math and language, and history. (You may have also heard of this referred to as morning baskets.) Many veteran homeschoolers have found that a regular morning meeting helps them add richness and fun to their homeschool day. They also create opportunities for conversation and connection as their kiddos all join at the table or sofa for a few minutes together before heading off to their more independent tasks.

A morning meeting can look as different as each family that holds one! It can be as simple as filling a basket with the books and activities you want to rotate through regularly, such as artist-study books or freewriting prompts. Some families use morning meetings for seasonal activities such as nature exploration or fall-related crafts and picture books. You can try spending a few minutes each day during morning meetings on recitations like poetry, math facts, or famous quotations. The options are endless, and there are equally as many resources available to get you started on setting up a morning meeting that you love!

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