The start of the school year is an opportunity to refocus seniors on timely actions to plan and pay for college. All seniors can earn recognition just by completing college planning steps to qualify for College Board Opportunity Scholarships.

No GPA, test score, application, or essay is required. Rather, for every step that seniors take to prepare for college, they earn entries in $500 scholarship drawings. Students with a family income below $60,000 get extra entries—double the chances—to earn Opportunity Scholarships.

Student Progress to Qualify for Scholarships

As of August 2021:

  • 1 senior at Cottonwood School have signed up for Opportunity Scholarships.
  • 1 senior has qualified for $500 scholarships by practicing on Official SAT® Practice on Khan Academy®.
  • 1 senior has qualified for $500 scholarships by strengthening their college lists.
  • 0 seniors have qualified for $500 scholarships by exploring other scholarships.

All seniors can now qualify for Opportunity Scholarships by signing up and completing:

Students can now sign up for the BigFuture™ Ambassadors program to receive resources and training to build awareness of these scholarships among their peers.

Winners are selected monthly and are notified via email in their College Board accounts. Since 2018, more than 10,000 students have won over $11 million in scholarships. For questions about Opportunity Scholarships, see the flyer below, email, or call 844-298-3554.