Did you know you are part of a school community that has over 1000 families? That number actually falls short of what we actually have, but I don’t want to overwhelm you as I dive into this week’s topic of finding your tribe. 1000 families sound like an awful lot to weed through to find your people. But your homeschool people are out there just waiting to be found.

By now, you have likely noticed that we take community pretty seriously around here. We have an entire team, an administrator, and a tagline dedicated to it. This means that we are constantly creatively brainstorming ways to bring you all together in various settings, times, and ways.

It is quite likely that you will choose similar trips and events as people you would naturally connect with. You will see familiar faces of people worth befriending. It may be that you have similar schedules, interests, ages of kids, and so on. Additionally, our teachers tend to be excellent matchmakers. There are many occasions where some great friendships have come from our HSTs referring you to a co-op, a group of some sort, a vendor, extra-curricular, and so on where your kids will meet their best homeschool friends and you will meet yours.

There are many different types of co-ops and groups out there and opportunities to sign up for things. It is really important to weigh the pros and cons so you and the kids can sustain engagement and avoid feeling overcommitted, which can result in canceling or missing out. If field trips and socialization outside of the home are priorities to your family, here are some considerations that may help you make adjustments and space in your schedule and homeschool.

  • Time: Will there be time to tackle your curriculum? Does a day away from home fit with your family’s homeschool rhythm? Make adjustments as needed.
  • Does the group align with your style of homeschooling or goal for the activity? Classical, eclectic, core studies, or fun electives – there are a lot of choices, so figure out what you’re seeking.
  • What age group is the activity or group tailored to? If you have a wide range of ages and multiple kids, park days are worth your time! Kids and parents naturally interact with each other at our field trips and events.
  • Are you looking for parent-only conversations about curriculum, support, activities, advice? We offer a bi-weekly Community Cafe for this and a monthly Parent Community Meeting. We are scheduling parent education opportunities soon. And there is always a good old-fashioned coffee date. We also have a thriving Facebook group in which to connect and interact.

It may take time to find your people, but with our large community, I assure you they exist and can be found. Finding a few parents you click with can make a huge impact on your homeschool experience, your interaction with your kids, and your confidence to press on if things get tough.

If you have not found your homeschool tribe yet, get out there and start the hunt. Be brave! Your homeschool bestie is out there waiting for you to make the first move.