Fellow Cottonwood Families,

We are officially in the middle of open enrollment, and I have been blown away by how many families are interested in joining our school and how many of you are returning. Part of my astonishment is in the growth that our school has experienced this year. I am not talking about the increase in numbers, but about developing a healthy and thriving school. Our Cottonwood School Board and the Buckeye Unified School District Board are delighted with our accomplishments. Much of that we can attribute to our parent and student body. We also have an incredibly dedicated staff and teachers who embody all that we value at The Cottonwood School.

At our most recent board meeting (which I highly recommend attending), I was taken by the presentation given by our Executive Director, Cindy Garcia. It was refreshing and encouraging to hear her report on how healthy our school is in many ways: financially, academically, with our staff, student body, and more. At the beginning of the year, our new website displayed our mission statement and guiding principles upon which all administrative decisions are made. I can say with confidence and certainty that this is true. These guiding principles are visible in our programs, field trips, opportunities, and more. I am honored to be a Cottonwood parent and to have three Cottonwood students. Without hesitation, I submitted my intent to re-enroll, securing a spot for my kids for the 22-23 year. Read on to see the guiding principles. I am sure you have personally experienced them throughout this year in one way or another.

These are the guiding principles The Cottonwood School uses in planning and decision making. We have created these principles based on the Mission and Vision of our homeschool program. They encapsulate what we do and why we do it.

Whole Learner: We believe that each student has unlimited growth potential. We understand that achieving and surpassing academic standards requires addressing the needs of each student as a whole learner. We nurture social, emotional, and physical wellness, in addition to academic excellence to maximize your child’s holistic growth and future success.

Choice: We partner with parents to guide and facilitate student learning opportunities and support choice in designing personalized educational plans that respect individual learning styles while addressing state standards.

Diversity: We honor the uniqueness of each person and their diverse experiences and choices. We provide opportunities to lift marginalized voices, celebrate cultures, create space for understanding, and grow through shared experiences. (See the diversity of hawks above.)

Community: We create avenues for building authentic relationships through a variety of meaningful community events and programs that support the needs of both students and parents.

Communication: We are committed to cultivating a climate of trust and transparency with clear communication and an opportunity for all voices to be heard and represented.

We have planned a Parent Community Meeting for March 31st at noon to present school-wide updates and plans. We hope you’ll join us.


Kara Parkins,
Parent Support Advisor