Fall is officially upon us! Today marks the first day of the season. When fall starts, I start thinking about apples and pumpkins and falling leaves. It’s an excellent time for our kids to make observations and notice what’s happening in nature around them! As the weather is cooling down, try packing a picnic lunch and doing schoolwork at the park. While you are there, take a look at the trees around you; besides the changing colors of leaves, do you notice seeds forming and preparing to fall? Observe the animals you see; what do you notice about their behaviors? Can you spot animals storing food or preparing for winter in other ways?

There are so many fantastic resources to explore all things fall. There are oodles of books to read, fall-themed art and science to do, trips to take, festivals and events, and places to explore nature. Check out some of our resources on Pinterest here. Also, check out this list of excellent local events and locations.

Did you know that today is Autumnal equinox? The equinox marks the two moments in the year when the Equator is precisely below the Sun and night and day are the same length. Pretty cool! You can share more with your kids by looking here and about the history of fall here.

Happy fall all!
Kara Parkins