A few months ago, we were approached by an incredible student, Mariem, who was interested in starting a school newsletter. She put out a call for other students who wanted to participate, and the response was overwhelming. Since then, she and her team have presented a phenomenal final product that we are very proud to share with our Cottonwood families. Registered families should check their email to see the first edition of Wood Times or check the Wednesday Weekly for more information.

Some words from Mariem:

This magazine was a labor of love in many ways. It gave me the opportunity to build a team that shares my passion for writing stories, making comics, writing jokes, doing graphic design, drawing, painting, and all things that went into this magazine. I experienced firsthand how to build and lead a team from making application forms, to organizing meetings, to dividing the work, to providing samples to explain what needs to be done…. I am extremely proud of the effort many of my teammates put into this first issue. As one of my team members said, “It’s so fun to be on this team! Everyone’s so nice, and their work is amazing!”

We have been working hard for a couple of months to implement the vision of the magazine that I explained to Ms. Dianne, the Cottonwood director of the community. Her reaction to our first issue: “I’m SO impressed! Very excited to share this with our Cottonwood community. Thank you for all your hard work.”

This magazine has it all: jokes, stories, puzzles, comics, and contests! It encompasses many interests and makes for an entertaining and inspiring read! So, start reading and start having fun!

We plan to publish an issue every month. My goal is to have this magazine published in libraries across the state of California and to be available to all English-speaking school children around the world.