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Donna Huckleby

June 15, 2021

Donna Huckleby has been a homeschool parent/teacher for 12 years. Donna has worked as a volunteer with other charter schools as a member of their advisory boards and has a […]

Teresa Lyday-Selby board member

Teresa Lyday-Selby

June 14, 2021

Teresa Lyday-Selby has been an educator for 18 years at The California Montessori Project. She has been a classroom teacher in TK- 2.nd grade, a mentor teacher, and a parent […]

Christine Cordero Board Member

Christine Cordero

May 27, 2021

Christine Cordero is native to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and has spent time as a special education teacher there, as well as in Virginia, Maryland, and Southern California. She has been in […]

Deborah Hibbard

Deborah Hibbard

May 27, 2021

Deb Hibbard has a Master’s in Business Administration from CSU Sacramento and a Bachelor’s in Accounting from San Francisco State. Deb has worked in accounting and finance for over 20 […]

Norman Lorenz

Dr. Norman Lorenz

May 27, 2021

Dr. Norman Lorenz is a tenured professor of Education Studies, teaches Human Development, and is the College Coordinator for Professional Development with the Center for Learning and Teaching at Sacramento […]

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