Learning happens everywhere for curious homeschooling students: at home and in the outside world. Reimagining education and community are possible when parents and students enjoy the freedom to craft a personalized curriculum plan that supports the uniqueness of each child.

When your child enrolls in The Cottonwood School, you’re not alone in crafting that curriculum. You have the support of your credentialed homeschool teacher to provide guidance in creating a curriculum plan to meet the academic, social, and emotional needs of each student, and you have the support of our wonderful Community Partners (formerly known as Service Vendors) who provide classes and services for students so they can expand their learning outside of traditional books and home study programs.

Many parents ask themselves “Can I do this? Can I ensure my student enjoys the best educational opportunities available?” Veteran homeschool parents will assure you that YES you can because contemporary homeschooling is often a hybrid of learning at home, field trips, park days, and classes or services with Community Partners.

Community Partners take a deep dive with our students through live interaction at locations within the greater Sacramento area and online.

These opportunities can expand a student’s exploration of interest in arts, sports, STEM, or provide enhancement of the academic core classes. These experiences bridge the best of what a student is learning at home with the enriching opportunities afforded by a community setting. Some classes are 1:1 with a Community Partner providing specific tutoring or coaching in an area where the parent feels they need additional support. Or perhaps it is a better choice to find a writing program where the teacher and the students correct your child’s writing, so you and your student no longer need to argue whether the essay is written well.

The list below shows the type of classes and services offered by our Community Partners. Once you enroll your child in The Cottonwood School, you’ll have access to our full list of Community Partners and the services they offer, and you’ll be able to sign your child up for classes or services through our easy online ordering system using instructional funds. All services must be non-sectarian and approved by your teacher before a purchase order is created. Services may begin after the order has been purchased by our ordering team and the Community Partner has received the purchase order.

Come see how we’re reimagining community to offer the best educational experience for your child!


Types of Services Offered by Community Partners

  • Fine Art Lessons & Classes
  • Performing Art Lessons & Classes
  • Academic Enrichment Classes
  • Physical Education Classes
  • Tutoring Services
  • Driver’s Education Courses
  • Cooking Classes
  • Gardening Classes
  • Reading and Writing Classes
  • STEM Classes