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Become part of a connected community

When you enroll in The Cottonwood School, you and your student become part of a connected community of families, children, and educators. At Cottonwood we are reimagining community — a network of caring, like-minded people who come together virtually and in person — and  support your choice to homeschool your children. Through events, activities, workshops, and training for parents, we make sure that your child’s social and emotional development keeps pace with their academic achievements.


Parent Community Meetings

The Cottonwood School administration regularly holds Parent Community Meetings. At these informal gatherings, parents are able to get their questions answered, families share their homeschooling experiences, and we offer tools and useful information. These meetings are scheduled for the 4th Thursday of every month via Zoom.

Community Cafe

Every other Wednesday afternoon, our Family Support Advisor and Director of Community host a virtual cafe over Zoom. All parents and staff are invited. It’s a great way to connect with others to build community and give and get support.

Wednesday Weekly

Each Wednesday morning our Family Support Advisor sends out a newsletter to all those within the Cottonwood community. This newsletter contains relevant community information about upcoming events, resources, and homeschooling in general.

Regular Communication with your Home School Teacher (HST)

Your HST (homeschool teacher) will communicate with you regularly via email and possibly text.  You will receive updates and offerings of special events and activities.


Community Connections

Each month our Community Coordinators provide opportunities for students and parents to gather for unique events that build community. Prior events have included a science fair, a spelling bee, and creating your own wax museum. During the pandemic, our virtual events have included cooking classes, Lego challenges, scavenger hunts, and virtual field trips.


Field Trips

We believe that experience connects and engages us with what we are learning. Our teacher-led field trips bring your child’s education to life. From the arts to athletics, science to living history, and nature to outer space, we explore the world around us, together.

Social-Emotional Learning Foundations (SELF)

We nurture social, emotional, and physical wellness, in addition to academic excellence, to maximize your child’s holistic growth and future success. We do this through Mindset Mondays, workshops for students to learn about the 7 Mindsets, Parent Education, Staff training, and support.


Multicultural Diversity and Inclusion Perspectives (MDIP)

We are committed to lifting the voices of those who may not have historically been recognized or valued, and providing diverse perspectives on both historical and current events. Through monthly workshops and events, we create opportunities for conversation and understanding, as well as supply tools to help staff and families take actionable steps toward positive change.

Educational Design Experts

Our Educational Design Experts are specialists in a particular educational philosophy.  They design meet-ups each month (some in person and some virtual) for parents and students to experience highlights in a certain philosophy and gather with families that are approaching homeschooling in a similar manner.  This is just another way to build a micro-community within our school.  These experts also offer monthly office hours and serve as a resource for families and staff.

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