Reshaping Education with Social Emotional Learning


As you have likely noticed, The Cottonwood School is committed to reshaping education and supporting the whole child. A significant piece of this commitment includes prioritizing Social Emotional Learning (SEL). Did you enjoy the first issue of our new SELF Talk newsletter that launched on Monday? We hope you found the resources helpful as we explore October’s Mindset: Passion First. Each week, SELF Talk will bring you a fresh collection of resources and easily accessible materials to engage your students in building SEL skills.

School Psychologist Rachel Salerno and Mindset Coordinator Lupe Arroyo love teaching your students in their Mindset Mondays Zoom classes. Your kids are truly amazing!!!

Each week, they have been sharing their interests and passions with great enthusiasm. It is inspiring to see them connect with themselves and their peers in a space dedicated to growth, positivity, and possibility. You can find details on Mindset Mondays each week in the SELF section below and the SELF Talk Newsletter.

Rachel and Lupe are also excited to offer a Zones of Regulation workshop for parents to learn how to implement this fantastic and practical program into their homeschool day. If you are looking for creative ways to help your students understand and regulate their emotions, this program is for you! Rather than focusing on behavior, the emphasis is placed on feelings and emotions. With its simplistic and color-coded zones approach, homeschool families find it truly beneficial to their daily lives. Even adults benefit from using this program!


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