Learning is an experience. It is far more involved than just what kids read or what they are taught; rather, real learning often happens best when we can weave in “doing.” When our kids engage in real-world activities and experiences, they are better able to apply their learning, find their interests, and make meaningful connections. There are countless articles and research written to demonstrate the value of experiential learning, and this isn’t new information to any of you who are home-educating your children! What is always remarkable for me to observe is how powerful learning can be when kids join together in their learning through shared experiences. The memories attached to those experiences further enrich their learning and help them make connections to ideas and the world around them.

The Cottonwood School understands this very well. We place an emphasis and priority on creating opportunities for kids to have terrific opportunities through field trips and events that couldn’t otherwise be created in a traditional homeschool setting. Sure, you could go to the zoo with your family or even with a few friends, but going on a zoo field trip with 50 or more students can extend the learning and connections even further.

Some other great opportunities that require the benefit of a school, and that we love to create for you, include our upcoming Spelling Bee and The Maker’s Market. We have upwards of 20 plus field trips, virtual events, and park days each month where kids can socialize and make friends, engage in their learning in hands-on ways, and discover new things about themselves and others. With so many diverse events, there are sure to be plenty of ways for you and your students to connect with hands-on learning experiences, and we can’t wait to join with you!