We are so excited to welcome you to our new Cottonwood Community Page on Facebook and to share our other social media channels as well.

The Cottonwood Homeschool Community Group on Facebook
JOIN TODAY!! This page will require you to answer a few questions to verify your enrollment with our school. This is a private Facebook group.

The primary intent of this community page is to encourage and promote connection and communication between families. The secondary intent of this page is to provide information and resources to families from the school. This page provides a space for open family communication and engagement.

Cottonwood Public Facebook
This is the public page for Facebook that anyone can view. We will be posting news and announcements on this page, so be sure to hit the Like button to follow our feed.

Cottonwood Instagram
This is the public Instagram account for our school. Follow us on Instagram for news and updates!

Cottonwood YouTube
This is our new YouTube channel. Curriculum Connections and recorded resources will be found here soon.