Month: June 2022

Things to Consider When Choosing Curriculum

June 29, 2022

As we cruise through the summer, if you’re feeling unsure about how to prepare for your school year, know that you’re not alone! Many homeschooling families are making plans this time of year, deciding what worked well in the past, or what changes they want to make for the upcoming year. If this is your […]

Your WHY is Important

June 15, 2022

Hello friends, I hope this email finds you well and enjoying all the swimming, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, watermelon, and other fantastic Summer adventures. I realize that for the homeschool parent, we are in planning and preparation mode for school in the fall between the fun during school break. For seasoned homeschoolers and those who are […]


Soaring Into Summer Break

June 2, 2022

Summer Break is officially here, and we hope you feel proud of all that you accomplished in 2021/22. We are so proud of you! You will notice that the Wednesday Weekly newsletter will look and feel different during the summer. It is much shorter, and it will land in your inbox bi-weekly rather than weekly […]

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