About TK Explorers

TK Explorers is Cottonwood’s program designed specifically for TK homeschool students. Homeschooling families will have access to: 

  • Expert guidance from our seasoned early childhood educators.
  • Engaging play sessions to bond with other families.
  • Exclusive TK-centric events.
  • Daily Interactive Circle Time via Zoom
  • Curriculum pacing for recommended curriculum
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TK Explorers Park Days

TK park days are the perfect opportunity to connect with other TK parents and our TK teachers while your TK Explorer plays with friends and engages in activities tailored specifically for them!


female teacher wearing backpack with stuffed gingerbread toy in the pocket

TK Explorers Circle Time

Join us for TK Explorers Circle Time as we continue to unpack the resources in Starfall curriculum to explore new stories, songs and skills with your students. Whether you’re using Starfall or another curriculum, join us! All TK Explorers are welcome and will have fun exploring and learning with Gina and Lorraine!