We believe community makes our homeschooling experiences that much better, and field trips are one avenue to get there! Our school-sponsored field trips bring your child’s education to life. From the arts to athletics, science to living history, and nature to outer space, we explore the world around us together to enhance learning and build community.

And the fun doesn’t stop in summer! Our Family Liaison Team offers regular park days and a limited number of free field trips in the summer so kids can keep that connection with friends they’ve made throughout the school year.

Check our event calendar for an overview of the types of field trips and events we offer each month! Each month during the school year we offer approximately two dozen opportunities to connect with other homeschooling families, including field trips, park days, and special events. Cottonwood families can find details for these events in the Wednesday Weekly newsletter, which always has the latest field trip and event information.

The Cottonwood School offers more than 250 field trips, gatherings, and events every school year.