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Reimagining Community Reshaping Education

We understand that parents want to take an active role in their child’s education by choosing to homeschool. That’s why at Cottonwood we give you control. You get to choose the curriculum, the learning approaches, the extracurricular activities — all the pieces that make up your child’s holistic education. And we support you every step of the way. We pair you up with a credentialed homeschool teacher, offer hundreds of educational resources, and provide dozens of weekly activities. At The Cottonwood School, we connect you with a community of families pursuing home education together.


Explore Our Educational Offerings

At Cottonwood, you choose the curriculum that best fits your child — and we’re here to help! We invite you to explore our educational offerings below.

Reshaping Education

Our Process - What To Expect

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    We take time to learn about you

    We are interested in your whole family. We take the time to learn about your children and each individual’s preferences, interests, and needs so we can help you choose a curriculum that fits your educational goals and philosophy.

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    We match you to a credentialed teacher

    We have over 100 specially trained and fully credentialed homeschool teachers. Based on your specific interests, goals, and needs, we take care and consideration when partnering you with a teacher who is ideal for your family.

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    Use instructional funds with our easy online system

    Each student has access to an Instructional Fund Budget — $2,700 for grades K–8 and $3,000 for grades 9–12. You can use your budget to easily enroll your child in programs and activities, purchase curriculum and resources, and attend events and field trips.

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    You choose your child's enrichment activities

    Your child’s teacher takes an active role in each student’s education. Unlike traditional classrooms where one instructor oversees dozens of students, at Cottonwood, teachers, and students work together individually to enhance and fully support each child’s educational journey.

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    Your homeschool teacher works with you

    Your child’s teacher takes an active role in each student’s education. Unlike traditional classrooms where one instructor oversees dozens of students, at Cottonwood, teachers, and students engage one on one for enhanced learning.

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    Participate in many community activities

    Choosing to homeschool opens up a new world of opportunity for you and your family. We know how fundamental community is to social and emotional development. That’s why we provide ongoing activities that bring our Cottonwood community together.


Learning Approaches

How do you know what is best for you and your student? We have specially trained teachers for each approach who serve as Educational Design Experts. You can choose a different approach and curriculum for each child.



Number of Community Events Per Year



Instructional Funds Budget For K-8



Instructional Funds Budget For 9-12


Reimagining Community

Building a sense of community among children helps them develop respectful, cooperative friendships essential to each individual’s lifelong success. At Cottonwood, we are Reimagining Community. No longer are students and families connected with others by physical proximity only.

Our community develops from people working together for the benefit of our children’s quality education. The Cottonwood School supports families so that you never feel alone. We provide ongoing support for parents and encourage frequent contact with our credentialed homeschool teachers.

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For the health and well-being of the Cottonwood community, we will continue our programs virtually. In-person classes and activities will resume according to CDC and local guidelines.
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