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An integrative approach to education

At The Cottonwood School, we take an integrative approach to education. Our understanding of community has expanded and evolved over recent years in step with the connectivity the internet brings us. The availability of vast, in-depth information has opened up new windows of learning. Homeschooling is no longer an isolating experience but a dynamic pathway for education.

Yet education is more than academic learning. At Cottonwood, we understand that a rich education includes social and emotional development as well. We foster holistic learning through the many activities and events we offer each month — virtual and in-person field trips; workshops for students; hands-on, experiential activities, and so much more. Cottonwood’s activities motivate and inspire students to engage with subjects and offer ways to collaborate with other students.

Community Reimagined

Building a sense of community among children helps them develop respectful, cooperative friendships essential to each individual’s lifelong success. At Cottonwood, we are reimagining community. No longer are students and families connected with others by physical proximity only. Our community develops from people working together for the benefit of our children’s quality education. The Cottonwood School supports families so that you never feel alone. We provide ongoing support for parents and encourage frequent contact with our credentialed homeschool teachers.

Parents and families are directly involved in the child’s education. You can choose the learning pathway that best fits your child’s interests and learning style, get to design a curriculum, and select among various complementary enrichment activities. Cottonwood’s staff includes a parent support advisor who will continually work with you and your student to ensure their needs are being met and their natural curiosity to learn is well nurtured. Through our strong commitment to making learning a joyful experience, we are reshaping education and preparing each student for a rewarding tomorrow.

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For the health and well-being of the Cottonwood community, we will continue our programs virtually. In-person classes and activities will resume according to CDC and local guidelines.
At-Home Student COVID Screening

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