Month: February 2023

We are connected Mindset Monday quote

March: We Are Connected

February 27, 2023

This month our students are learning about the We Are Connected Mindset, which is about exploring synergies with others, embracing diversity, and maximizing potential by working with others. People who […]

SELF intro image Feb. 22, 2023

Creating a Legacy

February 23, 2023

This week our students are learning about the importance of Creating a Legacy. Our legacy is the impact we had on others and the world. The true meaning of our […]

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Introducing Parallel Learning Time

February 22, 2023

Hey there! If you haven’t checked out our Community Connect Center yet, you’re missing out on some great events! From the recent Spelling Bee to the upcoming International Festival and […]

Kindly Kara intro image 2/15/23

Teaching About Disabilities

February 15, 2023

As parents, we want to raise our children to be kind, empathetic, and inclusive. One way to promote these values is by teaching our kids about disabilities. With the right […]

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Receiving Gracefully

February 13, 2023

This week our students learn about the Live to Give component of receiving gracefully. Often when we give, it inspires others to give gracefully also. Children may find it challenging […]

True growth happens just outside of your comfort zone

Stretching to Learn

February 8, 2023

Have you ever wondered why some students seem to excel in learning while others struggle? I experienced a concept that may hold a large piece of the equation – “The […]

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Feb. Mindset: Live to Give

February 6, 2023

This week our students learn about making a difference by helping others. One of the best ways to feel better and become happier is to help someone else. Similarly, a […]

Wendy Coller family photo

Building Relationships with Homeschooling

February 1, 2023

This week we welcome a guest writer, Wendy Coller, for this segment while Kara is helping at the Alliance Redwoods Field Trip. I’m Wendy, and if we haven’t met, I’m […]

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