Hello friends,

December is here, and with it comes a delightful change in rhythm and routine, with its cozy fleece, twinkling lights, and the promise of snow-capped mountains. Amidst all this wonder, for some, it can take a little more effort to tap into motivation, especially following school breaks. I invite you to see this time of year as an opportunity for positive adjustments.

Discover the Bright Side of the Homeschool Winter Season

Embrace Breaks: Use the winter break in December and January to recharge and refocus.

Direct Focus to Core Subjects: Channel your attention to core subjects like math and language arts during the winter months. Opt for a family unit study in social studies or science — keeping it light and enjoyable.

Or… Dive into Fun: Take a break from the routine and explore unit-study-style learning. Themes like holidays around the world or animals in winter seamlessly weave in reading, writing, and math in an enjoyable way.

Indulge in Passive Learning: Enjoy documentaries or audiobooks during relaxing activities like puzzles or LEGO building. Sprinkle in math and reading lessons and you’ll naturally create a more relaxed pace.

Savor Literary and Cinematic Exploration: Read a captivating book together and compare it to its movie or TV adaptation. Whether it’s The Polar Express, The Mysterious Benedict Society, or a more advanced choice like The Lord of the Rings, savor the blend of literature and cinematic exploration.

In our homeschool, we joyfully embrace each season. Winter invites us to savor indoor activities, setting the stage for an invigorating return to the outdoors as spring unfolds. Each homeschooling journey is unique; celebrate the seasons, adjust your sails, and enjoy the ride. Remember that no two homeschooled children or journeys are the same.

How do you navigate and find joy in your homeschool journey?


Kara Parkins, Parent Support Advisor