First and foremost, it is EXTREMELY HOT out there. I hope you and your family stay safe, hydrated, and cool. Because of this heat wave, we have postponed and/or cancelled a few events. Please note if you registered for any of the affected events, you will also receive an email from the event coordinator. And this announcement tees up the topic for this week nicely: Community and Communication.

You have likely gathered that when discussing our guiding principles over the last few weeks, I have also introduced you to programs we have in place to support them. This week is no different and falls in my wheelhouse, so I am delighted to share about Community and Communication today. On our website, you will read this about these topics:

Community: We create avenues for building authentic relationships through a variety of meaningful community events and programs that support the needs of both students and parents.

Communication: We are committed to cultivating a climate of trust and transparency with clear communication and an opportunity for all voices to be heard and represented.

While succinct, the statements made above are embodied fully throughout what you experience with The Cottonwood School. In regards to communication: We value your voice! We recognize the importance of having your voice heard. We desire to be slow to speak and quick to listen so that we can clearly understand and identify your needs and desires. We strive to be transparent and communicate with you, yes. But all the communication that you receive is driven by your feedback, input, and needs. Below are key avenues in which we rely on your voice and participation.

  • Last year we formed a Parent Advisory Committee. Our administrators brought important questions and ideas to this group of parents, seeking input directly from parents. We have multiple seats available for this committee which meets monthly. Please consider if this is something you might be interested in, and look for the application in the Weekly next Wednesday to submit interest.
  • Community Cafe, Parent Book Club, & Round Table Discussion Groups will meet at the Lending Library throughout the year. Keep your eye on the calendar and join the conversations. We have so much wisdom to glean from one another, and these opportunities allow for more connection with parents on their homeschool journey.

Community is at the heart of what we do, and you see that in our field trips and events. We have an exciting series of recurring events in the pipeline that will regularly offer frequent, flexible, and accessible opportunities to CONNECT. These events cultivate the opportunity to meet new friends, find your tribe, and feel truly connected in our community. You will see and hear these events referred to as Connect, as they differ slightly from Community Connections, MDIP, and EDE events.

We have released a September Calendar of Connect gatherings, and look forward to more to come. You asked for park days on Facebook, via email, and through whispers at events… and we heard you! These park days and gatherings will recur monthly. You may find yourself coordinating with other families to meet at these parks regularly during the weeks we aren’t at the park local to you. We sincerely hope you feel supported and heard and that you see paths you can take to get there.

Kara Parkins, Parent Support Advisor