Concurrent Enrollment Basics

  • Concurrent enrollment means a high school student takes college courses while remaining a full-time high school student.
  • Students must take a minimum of 20 high school credits per semester at Cottonwood and be in good academic standing.
  • High school students can take a maximum total of 11 college credits per semester; a maximum of three college classes will be added to the course schedule and transcript.
  • Students need to consult with their high school counselor before enrolling in a California community college course. The high school counselor will advise on college courses and check graduation requirements.
  • Please submit your California community college concurrent enrollment form via our Concurrent Enrollment submission form. CE forms emailed will not be accepted.
  • Please note that concurrent enrollment application forms may take 3-5 business days to process.
  • The high school counselor will follow the guidelines of the community college; Cottonwood does not exceed their policies, but Cottonwood might have additional policies.

High School Counselor Information

High School Counselor Email
Jonas Heppner
Kiyoshi Mizutani


Credit Conversion

  • The high school counselor will help students determine how college course(s) will count towards high school graduation requirements.
  • We do not determine which college courses are transferable to 4-year universities. The student’s future college will review the college transcript and determine any credit awarded.
  • Please check the chart below for the college credit to high school credit conversion rate:
College Credits High School Credits
1 credit 2.5 credits
1.5-2.5 credits 5 credits
3 credits or more 10 credits

*If a student is awarded less than 1 credit at the college, then we will issue the same amount of credit in high school. For example, if a student completes 0.5 credits at a community college, then we will award 0.5 credits on the high school transcript.

Process to Enroll

  1. Family picks a California community college and fills out the college’s concurrent enrollment form.
  2. Family submits the concurrent enrollment form to their high school counselor.
  3. The high school counselor reviews California community college course(s) and determines which high school graduation requirements will be fulfilled, how many credits will transfer over to the high school transcript, and whether ‘A-G’ requirements will be met.
  4. The high school counselor signs the concurrent enrollment form and sends it directly to the college unless otherwise stated by the college.
  5. Student enrolls in the California community college course(s).
  6. In order for the California community college course(s) to be added to the high school transcript and count towards high school graduation requirements, the following steps MUST be completed:
    1. Family provides proof of enrollment (POE)* to the HST and counselor by the high school’s add/drop deadline.
    2. The high school counselor will add the course to the student’s schedule and notify the HST.
    3. The HST will send the family a Master Agreement Addendum. The family will sign the Master Agreement Addendum.
    4. Family will provide work samples for each Learning Period.
    5. Once final semester grades are posted, please submit official transcripts to the high school counselor or records department so the grade can be added to the high school report card. The report card will show an “Incomplete” grade until the appropriate transcripts are received. Families can order paper or digital official transcripts. **If the student is taking college classes for the fall and spring semester, the unofficial transcript is sufficient to enter a grade. The official transcript is required at the end of the spring semester for all students.
    6. The above step (e) is not required for American River, Butte, Cosumnes River, Folsom Lake, Lake Tahoe, Sierra, Woodland, and Yuba Colleges due to receiving the transcript directly from them.
  • Proof of Enrollment (POE)=college name, student name, courses enrolled with dates (Videos)
    **If the student is only taking a fall college class and not one in the spring semester, the official is required.
Please mail paper transcripts to: Please email official digital transcripts to:
Attn: Records – CC Transcripts
The Cottonwood School
3921 Sandstone Dr.
El Dorado Hills, CA 95762
Karson Davis

* If you have any questions, please contact your high school counselor. Please notify your counselor if there are any changes made to the college schedule.

Concurrent Enrollment Guides

Click the Concurrent Enrollment Information Sheet to download a list of California community colleges offering concurrent enrollment or click the individual college guides to download information about a particular school.

Concurrent Enrollment Information Sheets