Our Cottonwood Star of the Week is Hadassah! Her mom says:

Hadassah has chosen boldness over fear and is more than an overcomer!!! She expresses her creativity through ballet lessons at Ballet Rejoice and her love for reading has not ceased. She has grown so brave in creating new friendships in Wild & Free and The Cottage, even though it was a little uncomfortable.

To Hadassah: Over the summer, you enjoyed learning about great heroes, such as Joan of Arc and Thomas Jefferson. I loved your drawings of what you read and your desire to read on your own. When you were in kindergarten, you were so excited that you could write your letter “y.” Now you’re writing sentences on your own and desire to write short books. The first book we just started is called “Afraid of Onions.” I can’t wait until I hear the ending of the story. Learning a new language has been difficult, but you are becoming more confident in speaking Korean to your elders and trying to learn new words. It’s been a joy seeing you blossom and embracing a second language. You love to teach your baby brother how to talk, count and say his alphabet. I love how you read to him books he wants to read. Mostly, you carry so much joy. Even on days that seem a little tiring, you still carry joy and laugh all day. I am excited to see what this year brings for you and to see you blossom in your gifts, talents, and passions. You are such a beautiful, kind, generous, thoughtful, caring and super wise little lady. You are amazing and work so hard!! Keep up all the great work!!