Dear Cottonwood School Families,

I trust this message finds you well and thriving in your homeschooling adventures. This week, I’m thrilled to introduce an exciting initiative that celebrates the rich tapestry of our school community as part of the Everybody Belongs program – Cottonwood Threads.

Everybody Belongs – Uniting Through Stories & Experiences!

Our school is like a vibrant mosaic of interweaving lives and diverse threads. The Everybody Belongs program aims to showcase the incredible variety of families that make up our wonderful community. It’s about fostering connections, understanding, and unity among us all.

Share Your Family’s Journey – Be a Part of Something Beautiful!

As part of this initiative, we invite you to share a bit about your family, who you are, and what you value. Your story is a valuable thread in the intricate fabric of our school’s collective experience. We’ve created a simple and engaging Family Spotlight Form to make sharing easy.

Cottonwood families can fill out the Family Spotlight form in the Feb. 14 issue of the Wednesday Weekly to be included in a future Wednesday Weekly and/or the Parent Nest.

Would It Be Helpful For You To Connect?

Within the form, we also ask if you’d like to connect with another family with similar experiences or situations. This could be an excellent opportunity to create connections, share experiences, and support one another.

Explore Culture, Diversity, and Inclusion Together!

In addition to celebrating our diverse stories, the Everybody Belongs program brings you a series of exciting events exploring culture, diversity, and inclusion. Some of these upcoming events include:

Mexican Paper Mache Doll Workshop with Ramona Garcia
Words Take Wings! with Children’s Author Thanhhà Lại
Sojourner Truth Museum Tour & Art Project with Anwyn T
Appreciating Islamic Art Workshop with Catherine

Register Today for These Enriching Experiences!

Your participation not only enhances the cultural fabric of our school, but also contributes to the shared understanding that makes The Cottonwood School a unique and inclusive community.

Let’s celebrate our diversity, embrace our differences, and cherish the common ground that unites us all. Your story matters, and together we create the beautiful narrative of The Cottonwood School.

We look forward to reading about your family’s unique journey and exploring these cultural adventures together!


Kara Parkins

Parent Support Advisor