Hello Amazing Homeschooling Community,

This week, we’re thrilled to bring you a diverse range of math teaching ideas from some of our incredible HSTs who specialize in various educational methodologies. These teachers are called Educational Design Experts. Their insights and ideas offer a vibrant view of how math can be woven into the fabric of different homeschooling approaches.

Unit Studies – Harmonizing Math and Music

Unit Studies often dance through various subjects, but when it comes to math, a dedicated curriculum is a key partner. Our tip for this month harmonizes math facts with music—a powerful mnemonic device. Check out the suggested Math Facts to music resources and make math a lyrical journey for your learners.

Addition and Subtraction Rock
Addition and Subtraction Country
Addition and Subtraction Rap
Multiplication Rock
Multiplication Rap DVD
Multiplication, Division, Fractions & Decimals DVDs

Charlotte Mason – Nature’s Math Classroom

Step into the realm of Charlotte Mason’s Home Education Method. Take a nature walk, collect items from nature, and turn them into math manipulatives. This immersive approach engages visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners, providing a holistic math experience. For additional daily math practice, explore Simply Charlotte Mason’s math series.

Unschooling – Artful Math Integration

Unschooling celebrates the intersection of art and math. Blossom & Root, a curriculum for 1st-3rd grade, seamlessly blends math and art, offering a unique supplement to your homeschooling journey. Explore the world of math in art with these samples:

1st Grade Exploring Math in Art Sample
2nd Grade Link Exploring Math in Art Sample
3rd Grade Link Exploring Math in Art

Montessori – Hands-on Fraction Understanding

In the Montessori tradition, manipulatives take center stage. Dive into fraction equivalency using Fraction Circles — a visual and tactile aid to grasp challenging concepts. Check out these Montessori Fraction Circles:

Fraction Circle Lesson
Montessori Fraction Circles
Fraction Circles (Lakeshore Learning option)

Waldorf – Multiplication Blooms

Waldorf education embraces the whole child, and our Waldorf expert presents a beautiful lesson on multiplication flowers. Students create vibrant multiplication circles, immersing themselves in the patterns of multiplication facts. This hands-on, creative method transforms math into an artful experience. Explore the Waldorf Multiplication Flowers Lesson.

These teaching philosophies showcase the richness of mathematical exploration, reminding us that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Embrace the diversity of these methods, and let math bloom in your homeschooling adventure.

Happy Learning!