Hello there!

I hope this note finds you surrounded by the cozy warmth of fall and the vibrant hues of changing leaves.

Have you noticed the kaleidoscope of colors dancing in the trees lately? It’s like Mother Nature herself is putting on a spectacular show just for us! Each and every year, I find myself in awe of the beauty. Then I have the added bonus of seeing the wonder in my children’s eyes as they make observations and are equally mesmerized by the bright reds, oranges, and yellows!

So, let’s make the most of this leafy extravaganza in our homeschool adventures! Here are some ideas to sprinkle a bit of leafy magic into your days: (Click the links for more ideas and inspiration!)

Leafy Art Adventures: Collect a variety of leaves and let your creativity run wild! Press them, make leaf rubbings, or even create leaf animals. The possibilities are as endless as the patterns on the leaves themselves.

Math and Science with Leaves: Turn a simple leaf collection into a hands-on lesson. Sort leaves by shape, size, or color for a fun math activity. Dive into the science behind why leaves change colors and fall from the trees.

Leafy Literature: Bring stories to life with leaves! Create your own nature-inspired stories or use leaves as bookmarks for your favorite fall reads.

Outdoor Learning: Take the classroom outside! Use leaves for impromptu math games, spelling practice, or a nature-inspired scavenger hunt. Learning is always more fun with a breath of fresh air.

Leafy Mandalas: Arrange leaves in beautiful patterns to create your own leafy mandalas. It’s a mindful and artistic way to connect with nature.

Remember, the world around us is the greatest classroom of all, and right now, it’s putting on a spectacular display. Embrace the magic of fall leaves in your homeschooling journey!


Kara Parkins

Parent Support Advisor