Dear Homeschooling Families,

As we prepare to bid farewell to 2023 and welcome the winter break with open arms, I hope this newsletter finds you wrapped in the warmth of holiday joy and the magic of the season. From December 21st to January 7th, our homeschooling adventure takes a detour away from lessons and attendance and into a world of wonder, curiosity, and shared moments.

Learning knows no boundaries — it happens in the kitchen, under the stars, and everywhere in between. As homeschooling families, you’ve mastered the art of turning every moment into a lesson. So, let the winter break be a canvas for discovery, and don’t forget to capture those sparks of wonder that make homeschooling truly magical.

Check out this resource for some quick information about the history of many of the global celebrations and traditions from a secular perspective to share with your family!

May your winter break be a rich tapestry of diverse traditions, laughter, love, and the joy of learning. Wishing you and your homeschooling family a season brimming with warmth and enchantment!

Happy holidays,

The Cottonwood School