Last week our students learned about the importance of acting with purpose by taking steps and actions towards their dreams and goals. Motivation is essential to taking action and achieving goals, but it is not always easy to find or maintain; especially near the end of the school year when spring fever is setting in! Fortunately, we can help our children find motivation by encouraging them to discover what motivates them and makes them feel successful. Tapping into these feelings and knowing what tools they might use to get into their “zone” and perform at an optimal level is a win-win for both parents and children. Talking with them about times where they felt their absolute best and figuring out what was unique about those moments is a great way to help them get back there. For some children, it’s a song or routine that makes them feel great. For others, the memory of a time they felt successful is enough. This week, our mindset lessons will help students understand the significance of motivation in pursuing their goals and dreams, and ways to find that motivation.