Each week our Wednesday Weekly newsletter offers fresh perspectives and valuable insights to enrich your educational journey, along with all of the pertinent and important news to keep you informed about all things Cottonwood. A few weeks ago, I shared about homeschooling language arts from my experience as a homeschool parent. This week, we shift our attention to hearing directly from our Educational Design Experts, who share a deep passion for homeschooling and have personal connections with specific learning philosophies. They bring a wealth of knowledge and innovative approaches to homeschooling instruction that could inspire you to explore new directions and methods.

Fresh Perspectives

In the April EDE Tips document, you’ll discover diverse approaches to teaching language arts that extend beyond traditional methods. From creative writing exercises to immersive storytelling techniques, our EDEs offer engaging strategies designed to inspire and empower both you and your learner.

Insights from Seasoned Homeschool Educators

Rekha Mathew explores strategies for advanced learners, ensuring they are challenged yet supported in their language arts journey.

Callie Johnson takes us through classical education methods, emphasizing foundational grammar skills and literary analysis.

Shannon Carpenter introduces the Charlotte Mason method, highlighting the use of living books and interactive language arts exercises.

Shannon Chanda invites us into the world of Montessori-inspired creative writing, encouraging students to express their imagination through storytelling.

Carey Shaw advocates for unschooling in English Language Arts, demonstrating how everyday experiences can foster meaningful writing opportunities.

Catherine Lambert offers insights into Waldorf’s holistic approach, incorporating oral storytelling and experiential learning into early language arts instruction.

As you explore various approaches to language arts education, we hope you’ll find inspiration and practical guidance to tailor your homeschool curriculum to your child’s unique needs and interests.

Click below to read the April EDE Tips document and discover how you can transform language arts education in your homeschool. Continue to enjoy your adventure in homeschooling, guided by passionate educators who are dedicated to empowering homeschool families like yours.


Kara Parkins, Parent Support Advisor

P.S. Our amazing Educational Design Experts will be joining us at Curriculum Showcase. Be sure to visit them in the Lending Library to discuss curriculum and ideas for your students.