Dear Homeschooling Families,

We’re thrilled to bring you a special collaboration from our Educational Design Experts (EDE) this week. Our team of teachers, each specializing in diverse homeschool methodologies, has come together to create a document with tips and ideas for enhancing your language arts curriculum.

Advanced Learners

Rekha Mathew shares valuable insights into supporting advanced learners in language arts, addressing the challenge of finding age-appropriate reading material for children who read at higher grade levels. Discover strategies for pre-reading, co-reading, and accessing helpful resources.

Classical Education

Callie Johnson delves into the classical approach, offering methods tailored for both the grammar stage (younger grades) and the logic/rhetoric stage (middle and high school grades). From mastering the basics of sentence structure to engaging in literary analysis using The Hobbit, there’s something for every stage of learning.

Charlotte Mason Method

Shannon Carpenter introduces the Charlotte Mason method, emphasizing the use of “living books” to ignite a passion for learning. Explore narration, copywork, and dictation exercises that bring literature to life and foster language skills in a meaningful way.

Unit Study Approach

Shannon Carpenter also offers expertise on the unit study approach, providing a comprehensive guide to designing your own unit studies centered around language arts and literature themes. Whether you’re crafting your own curriculum or utilizing pre-packaged resources, discover how to tailor learning experiences to your family’s interests.

Montessori Approach

Shannon Chanda presents a creative approach to writing skills using the Montessori method. Engage your student’s imagination through storytelling and creative writing exercises, incorporating the six traits of writing for older students.

Unschooling/Child-Directed Learning

Carey Shaw highlights the flexibility of unschooling for English language arts, offering a range of writing activities suited to different grade levels and interests. Encourage your students to explore their passions through writing, from recipe creation to essay writing on topics they love.

Waldorf Approach

Catherine Lambert shares an enchanting ELA lesson inspired by Waldorf education, focusing on oral storytelling to build foundational literacy skills. Dive into the Apple Star Story and experience the magic of learning through head, heart, and hands.

This collaborative document is packed with inspiration and practical advice to enrich your language arts journey. We hope you find these tips and ideas both informative and inspiring as you continue to create a tailored homeschool experience for your family.

Enrolled families can find a link to the document in the Wednesday Weekly.