Hello Beloved Homeschool Families,

As we dive into another Wednesday Weekly, let’s pause to address an elephant in the room: teaching subjects that give us jitters. All of us, regardless of our homeschooling expertise, have those topics that send us down memory lane to our school days, puzzling over a tough question.

It’s okay to admit that some subjects aren’t your strong suit; I sometimes wrestle with math! But remember, homeschooling shines brightest when we’re learning alongside our kids, transforming our challenges into enriching experiences for both.

Quick Tips

Digital Aids: Tap into resources on your Clever dashboard like Generation Genius, Brain-Pop, i-Ready, e-Singapore, and Lexia. Unsure about access? Consult your teacher.

Expert Assistance: When in doubt, turn to Boost, RISE, CVHS, CTE, or our extensive list of tutors and enrichment classes. Don’t overlook knowledgeable friends or neighbors!

Collaborative Learning: Consider a homeschool co-op. Your strength in one subject might complement another parent’s expertise in another.

Set Goals: Challenge both yourself and your child weekly. Celebrate every achievement, no matter how small.

Document the Journey: Keep a progress journal. It’s a powerful reminder of how far you’ve come.

Mistakes are Lessons: When things don’t go as planned, pivot and teach resilience and adaptability.

As you tackle those demanding subjects this week, cherish the chance to expand both your child’s and your horizons. Here’s to transforming challenges into growth!



P.S. Have stories or strategies for confronting tricky topics? We’d love to hear them! Share on our Facebook page or drop me an email. Your experiences enrich our collective homeschool journey.