In Native American legend, cottonwood trees create the stars by holding star seeds within their branches. When stars were formed, they didn’t dwell in the heavens. Instead, they searched beneath the soil for root systems from which to grow. (You can read our previous article, the legend, and more here.)

Did you notice the stars at the top of last week’s newsletter? We learned shortly into the previous school year that the Cottonwood tree branches have real stars within them! We found this very meaningful in so many ways. It inspired us to begin a series of posts within this newsletter showcasing our students as Cottonwood stars.

Our roots as a school have begun to grow more deeply into the soil. Our strength and growth were evident at our Open House last week, where we showcased our programs and interacted with hundreds of our parents and students. You, the parents, and your children found your way to The Cottonwood School and have become the branches. Within those branches are your students, and they are stars, indeed.

Recognition and encouragement are significant and impactful. Each week we will highlight students in The Wednesday Weekly, our social media platforms, and our school website. Additionally, they will be given a Cottonwood Star Certificate and will receive their very own Cottonwood Star branch! At Cottonwood, we want to celebrate all of our students!

Kara Parkins, Parent Support Advisor