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Act with Purpose

May 2, 2022

This week our students will be learning about how they can Act with Purpose. While all action is significant, the actions we take that align with our dreams are the most powerful. First, they’re part of who we are and matter to us more, so we try harder and work to overcome more when taking […]

rise program

Focus on R.I.S.E.

April 28, 2022

We’re Lizette Sweiven & Kara Tupy, and we run the RISE program at The Cottonwood School. As past and present homeschooling moms, we wanted to take a moment to share some thoughts on homeschooling in community through the teen years. Below we share some reflections on the junior high and high school years specifically born […]

mindset quote

April/May Mindset: The Time is Now!

April 25, 2022

This week our students will be learning about the benefits of letting themselves be vulnerable when faced with new experiences and challenges. Fear is a common response in these situations. Children may feel uncertain, vulnerable, and anxious. When they allow themselves to be vulnerable and step out of their comfort zones, they may experience some […]

community connection

Focus on Community Connection

April 20, 2022

Welcome back, friends. We hope you enjoyed a fantastic Spring Break. We are in the home stretch of the 2021-2022 school year, and we are finishing stronger than ever with some exciting community events and celebrations. From now through next week, we have upwards of 12 events, trips, and activities to look forward to and […]

April & May Mindset: The Time is Now!

April 19, 2022

This week our students will be learning about how important it is to Get in the Zone! With life’s challenges, we can all experience a variety of feelings and emotions. These feelings and emotions may even include anger, jealously, or resentment. The key is to recognize when we are out of sorts, pause, and figure out a way to […]

Cottonwood Star of the Week – Erikka

April 7, 2022

Our Cottonwood Star of the Week is Erikka!   Her mom says: Erikka is a sophomore at Cottonwood and has been working hard on checking off high school standards. She has been maintaining her coursework and grades. She is helpful and thoughtful. Erikka has dedicated some of her time helping to coach tee ball in […]

Cottonwood Star of the Week – Bobby Phillips

March 31, 2022

Our Cottonwood Star of the Week is Bobby Phillips.   This school year Bobby shined as a 4th grader exploring the world and all it has to offer through his Moving Beyond the Page curriculum in his first year as a Cottonwood student. From Asia to Africa and all around the world, Bobby has explored […]

Their Work on Display

March 30, 2022

Our kids doodle and draw, they paint and they craft… they make art. Even if it isn’t part of your curriculum or daily work in your home classroom, our kids create. They are pre-wired to be creative. They make things, lots and lots of things, and even more accumulates around your house because, well, your […]

March Mindset: We Are Connected!

March 29, 2022

This month our students have been learning about the importance of embracing others, prioritizing relationships, building dream teams, and leading with value. Our students have come to understand the many ways we are all connected to each other regardless of our differences or geography. The lessons and activities this week continue with this important mindset […]

Putting Spring In Your Homeschool Step

March 23, 2022

Spring is such an exciting time of the year. Here we are, almost thru the school year, and yet Spring can make everything seem fresh and new. The birds have emerged and are singing happy Spring tunes, the flowers are beginning to bloom, and I don’t know about you, but this mama is ready for […]

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