Hello friends,

We have spent the last few weeks working with many of you and have noticed our families tend to approach this time of year in two distinct ways. Some of you are eager and have a sense of urgency. You want everything in hand and planned out right now. Others are slowly emerging from the summer break and are easing back into school mode. Regardless of where you are in this moment of planning and preparation, let’s remember that nurturing our students goes beyond academics and curriculum —it’s about embracing their physical and emotional well-being, too! Homeschooling provides the perfect canvas to create a holistic learning environment considering their unique needs. So, let’s consider some practical tips for our TK-12 grade students, encompassing everything from playtime to pajama days!

  • The Power of Play: Playtime isn’t just for the young ones; it’s essential for all ages! Encourage unstructured play and creativity through imaginative games, building projects, and artistic expression. Play sparks joy and fosters well-rounded development.
  • Curiosity and Exploration: Feed their thirst for knowledge through curiosity-driven learning. Follow their interests, explore new subjects together, and celebrate their diverse passions. When curiosity leads, learning thrives!
  • Hands-On Learning Adventures: Get your hands dirty with hands-on learning! From exciting science experiments to culinary arts, let their senses lead the way. Hands-on experiences make learning come alive!
  • Rhythm, Routine, and Rest: Establish a flexible daily rhythm that includes ample time for rest. Ensure they get enough sleep and listen to their bodies for restful breaks during the day. A well-rested mind is a ready-to-learn mind! (This goes for you, too, homeschool parents!)
  • Embrace Snacktivities: Snacks aren’t just tasty treats—they’re essential fuel for learning! Incorporate nutritious snacktivities like creating fun fruit skewers or delicious smoothies together. Happy tummies mean happy learners (and teachers)!
  • Pajama Day Delight: Who says you can’t learn in your PJs? Designate a pajama day when cozy comfort meets enthusiastic education. Embrace a relaxed atmosphere to spark creativity and joy in learning.
  • Outdoor Explorations: Take the learning outdoors for fresh air and nature’s wonders! From nature walks to backyard science experiments, outdoor exploration enriches their educational experience.
  • Emotional Well-Being Matters: Listen, support, and nurture their emotional needs. Be their sounding board, a pillar of strength, and a warm hug when challenges arise. Emotional well-being lays the foundation for successful learning.
  • Physical Activity: Keep them moving and grooving! Incorporate physical activities, exercise breaks, or fun dance-offs to refresh their minds and energize their bodies.
  • Reflection and Celebration: Celebrate their growth and achievements through reflections and celebrations. Create memory boards, journals, or digital portfolios to cherish their educational milestones.

Homeschooling is a beautiful tapestry that weaves academic progress, emotional support, and physical well-being together. Embrace the joy of learning, the power of play, and the gift of nurturing the whole homeschooled student.

For resources on homeschool well-being, check out platforms like GoNoodle for movement breaks, and resources from “The Whole Homeschool Handbook” by Kate Laird, emphasizing a holistic approach to homeschooling.


Kara Parkins, Parent Support Advisor