Dear Homeschool Families,

I trust this note finds you all in good spirits as the autumn breeze and rain sweeps in. With the change in seasons, we’re gearing up for those cozy fall days, but it looks like rainy afternoons are making an early appearance. No worries, though—I’ve got a toolkit of engaging activities to keep our homebound scholars both entertained and enlightened.

Indoor Adventures for the Curious Mind

When the rain taps on our windows, let’s dive into indoor activities that are as fun as they are educational.

  • Embark on an educational quest with the online resources in your Clever portal such as BrainPop and Generation Genius.
  • Unlock the treasure trove of documentaries and kid-friendly shows on whatever streaming platform you use. We really like the Disney Nature movies, and they even have free educator guides and activities.
  • Turn baking into a delightful math lesson — because who said fractions can’t be delicious?
  • Sip tea with poetry for a calming break from the gray weather.
  • Roll up your sleeves and make playdough from scratch for some hands-on fun.
  • Channel the inner artist with indoor painting sessions or look for art tutorials online. We really like Art Hub for Kids.
  • Snuggle up with a good book—because a rainy day is a perfect excuse for a reading marathon.

Physical Fun for the Energetic Crew

For those days when the energy levels are through the roof, let’s try activities that keep them moving indoors:

  • Create an indoor obstacle course for a dose of friendly competition.
  • Play classic hide-and-seek — it never gets old and gives you a few quiet moments.
  • Engage them in fun Brain Breaks on YouTube. My kids LOVE these.

Educational Escapes

When the walls start closing in, why not venture beyond? Here are some educational outings:

  • Join us on Mondays at the CCC for learning, crafts, and games followed by Storytime at the Lending Library — a little change of scenery does wonders.
  • Come on one of our many indoor field trips releasing this Thursday (tomorrow).
  • Park Days will continue, rain or shine, but the location may change! Read more below to see updates and information.
  • Head to your local library for free books, storytimes, and maybe a cozy play corner or teen room.
  • Museum days are the best days—blend education with adventure. We have SO MANY local museums to explore!
  • Take your kids to a coffee shop for a writers’ workshop.

And if all else fails…

When the rain won’t let up, let’s embrace it. Play in the rain — raincoats, boots, paper sailboats, and maybe some warm cocoa afterward!

I’d love to hear your go-to rainy day activities! Hop over to Facebook and join the discussion. Let’s make learning an adventure, rain or shine.