Did you know May 3-7 is Teacher Appreciation Week? It often passes us by without notice because we aren’t in a traditional school setting, but it is worth our attention. Our kids are so fortunate to have the best of two worlds. Their primary teachers are you, the homeschool parent. They are also supported by a Cottonwood HST who is highly invested in their education and our whole-child approach to education. From both you, the parent, and the HST, they are seen and known, which creates a fantastic opportunity to thrive in their learning pursuits.

So to you, homeschool parent, we tip our hat and say Happy Teacher Appreciation Week. We hope you take some time to celebrate all that you have accomplished this year. You are a 24/7 teacher, among the many other hats you wear. Be sure to let your children know that this week honors you and all you do. Offer them the opportunity to recognize and thank you. Kids love any reason to celebrate and will rise to the occasion. What would be a meaningful way to be loved by your students?

We would also like to offer the invitation to take a moment and appreciate your HST. They may play an untraditional role as teachers, but it is valuable and significant. I know my family’s HST has dramatically impacted our lives and has a considerable influence that we greatly appreciate as a family. As a homeschool parent, I appreciate her support, guidance, and encouragement, which have been the comfort and sometimes the push that I need to keep moving forward. She has lent me expertise and advice in areas where I have lacked confidence or direction. And so, I encourage you to take a moment with your children to write an email, drop a post on Facebook, send a card, or whatever you feel prompted to do to thank your HST for the work they do to support your family.

You are doing great things and are doing well at them! Keep up the excellent work! It matters.


Kara Parkins
Parent Support Advisor

P.S. I realize many of us outsource and enroll our kids in classes. Those teachers aren’t to be overlooked either. There is never too much gratitude for passing around. 🙂