Dear fellow homeschoolers,

It is about this time each year when I find myself reflective and filled with gratitude for the opportunities the current school year has brought. You’re all familiar with the incredible benefits of homeschooling, but let me just remind you how awesome it is to spend all day with your family, strengthen your bond, and make new friends in the community.

As homeschoolers, we know that our children’s education is not limited to textbooks and lectures. It’s about experiencing life, learning from the world around us, and building meaningful relationships with our loved ones and others in our community.

Through homeschooling, we get to spend countless hours with our family, sharing laughter, learning new things, and growing together. Our children get to see us as not just their parents, but as their teachers, mentors, and friends. We get to witness their milestones and achievements firsthand, and be there to support them through the challenges.

But homeschooling also provides us with endless opportunities to connect with others in our community. Whether it’s through the many opportunities to gather with other Cottonwood families or attend Parallel Learning time, events, parks days, or field trips, we get to meet families who share similar values and interests. We get to learn from each other, share resources, and form deep, lasting friendships.

Homeschoolers know how to have fun! We get to take educational field trips, participate in hands-on experiments, and even create our own curriculum. We can tailor our children’s education to their individual needs and interests, and create an environment where they can thrive.

So, to my fellow homeschoolers, let’s remember to embrace the freedom and flexibility that homeschooling offers. Let’s continue to strengthen our family bonds and build connections with each other and our community. And most importantly, let’s have fun and enjoy this incredible journey together.


Kara Parkins, Parent Support Advisor