Are you and your children excited as the first official day of school approaches? We are filled with anticipation as we kick off the year alongside you! We have exciting announcements ahead in this newsletter, and you will see that the newsletter is no longer the abbreviated version you saw over the summer, as our teachers have returned from break.

I love when the teachers come back from break. Our team feels complete, and we are ready for the year ahead. They are your partner in this journey and your biggest cheerleaders. Get to know them and let them help you! They all are so excited to support your family!

I hope you have a fantastic start to your school year! Don’t forget that this isn’t a sprint. It’s a marathon. Keep a sustainable pace that feels like the right amount of challenge for you and your children. Find your stride and enjoy the scenery along the way. Your run isn’t going to look exactly like anyone else’s because you and your children are one of a kind, and we are with you to the finish line. Lean into the supports we have in place to help you along the way, including events, field trips, parent education, and so much more!

Kara Parkins
Parent Support Advisor