We’ve crossed the finish line and we WON!!!

As of yesterday, the Cottonwood School has successfully MET & EXCEEDED the threshold of CAASPP testing 95% of our eligible students!

97.4% completed the ELA and Math Assessments

97% completed the CAST

Additionally, our preliminary ELPAC scores have come back for the 3rd-12th graders who took the summative assessment this spring with 22% potentially going to reclassify as English Fluent! For comparison, the statewide average is 5%. This percentage could go up once they finish scoring our Tk-2nd students. Very exciting!

An outpouring of gratitude goes to:

– HSTs, IAs & EL Team for working tirelessly to administer the state assessments in a new way

– Families partnering with HSTs to plan and support children

– Our EL Team for teaching EL Boot Camps, Readiness Camps & proctoring hundreds of assessments

Many of us have worked in non-classroom-based charter schools for a long time and have NEVER been at a school that met this threshold, much less exceeded it. This achievement speaks volumes about the commitment of our staff and our families to our community and to charter schools as a whole. We are a shining example, giving this model of education validity and strength in the eyes of many.

We are required by the state of California to administer these tests to all of our students who qualify, and if we do not reach our participation expectation of 95%, we are penalized as a school. With all the new restrictions on charter schools, we strive to ensure we can continue to keep Cottonwood’s doors open and our programs strong. That’s why we are so excited to reach this goal. We aim to continue meeting this goal in coming years so we can ensure our families have the school choice and flexibility they have come to know and love!