Hello, fantastic homeschooling community,

November is here and it’s time to infuse our homeschooling journey with gratitude, friendship, togetherness, and family. Here are some ideas from Kindly, Kara (and Pinterest) to make this month extra special.

Express Gratitude: Start each homeschool day with a moment of reflection. Encourage your kiddos to jot down something they’re grateful for—be it a recent lesson, a supportive friend, or the warmth of home. Get creative with gratitude chains, crafts, and cards to explore and express gratitude in various ways. Stop by the Lending Library to create and add squares to out “Thankful Quilt.”

Acts of Kindness: Dedicate a day or a week to perform acts of kindness as a family. It could be as simple as writing thank-you notes to essential workers or leaving uplifting messages in your community. Small gestures create a ripple effect of positivity. Model kindness to your kids whenever you can, and don’t forget to extend this same kindness to yourself!

Family Reading Circle: Share a heartwarming book that celebrates gratitude and togetherness. Set aside cozy time each day for family reading. It’s not just about the story; it’s about creating lasting memories. Explore Thanksgiving and November-themed read-alouds and consider embracing the Morning Basket Concept this month.

Fall-Themed Lessons: Infuse your lessons with a touch of Thanksgiving. Whether delving into historical tales or exploring the science behind autumn, create a themed learning experience that aligns with the spirit and history of the season. There are numerous unit studies, films, and books to explore different perspectives and open the door to meaningful conversations.

Friendsgiving: Organize a get-together with fellow homeschooling families. We have participated in a Friendsgiving potluck each year with our homeschooling buddies, and it is a tradition my kids look forward to every year. If you have a teen, sign up for our Teen Friendsgiving at the CCC.

Nature Walks: Take learning outdoors. Explore the changing colors of fall, collect leaves, and discuss the beauty of the changing seasons. Nature walks offer hands-on learning experiences and moments of togetherness. Use nature for beautiful artwork and cool science experiments.

Check our November Pinterest board for ideas and inspiration including book recommendations, free lessons, crafts galore, experiments, and morning basket ideas. I can’t wait to dive into hands-on learning, acts of kindness, expressions of gratitude, and time with family and friends. Don’t forget our Mondays at the Community Connect Center and Lending Library where we will explore November-themed activities and come together to play and learn. Learn more about our plans below.

As we experience this joyous month, let’s celebrate the richness of homeschooling life by weaving gratitude, friendship, togetherness, and family into our daily rhythm.

Wishing you a month filled with warmth and wonderful homeschooling moments.