Dear Cottonwood Community,

Get ready to embark on a journey of understanding, empathy, and celebration as we approach a week dedicated to embracing neurodiversity and different learning styles. This year’s Week of Awareness is from September 5th to 8th. Our school community will come together to explore the rich tapestry of human minds and foster an environment of inclusion and compassion.

Why Neurodiversity Matters

Just as a garden flourishes with an array of colors and shapes, our minds bloom in diverse and unique ways. Neurodiversity honors this natural variation in how we learn, think, and perceive the world around us. This week of awareness is a collective effort to recognize and cherish the strengths that come with these differences.

Daily Newsletters with Insights and Resources

Throughout the week, expect daily newsletters straight to your inbox. These newsletters will be filled with invaluable insights, resources, and inspiring stories. By gaining knowledge about neurodiversity, we equip ourselves with a powerful tool to nurture empathy and create an inclusive community.

Special Events

Storytime and Craft Club at The Lending Library – Tuesday, September 5th, 2pm

Join us on Tuesday, September 5th, at The Lending Library for a magical afternoon. We’ve planned a special storytime that promises to captivate young minds. Following the story, children will engage in a creative craft that ignites discussions about unique learning approaches.

Field Trip to Mahany Park – Thursday, September 7th, 10am

Prepare for an immersive experience at Mahany Park on Thursday, September 7th. Spanning 225 acres in the City of Roseville, Mahany Park is a true testament to inclusion and innovation. Designed to accommodate various abilities and ages, this park offers play experiences through touch, smell, sight, and sound.

The park features water play elements, a sand play area, a sensory garden, and more. This park was designed to celebrate diverse abilities. Students will go on a scavenger hunt as they explore the park and its features and play a game of Bingo! The park serves as a vivid reminder that understanding and acceptance can manifest through design.

Workshop at the Community Connect Center – Friday, September 8th, 10 am

On Friday, September 8th, join us at the Community Connect Center for an interactive workshop. Engage in sensory stations, discussions, and activities that simulate the experiences of neurodiverse individuals. This session promises to be a remarkable opportunity for both students and parents.

Registration Required for Workshop and Field Trip

To ensure everyone can fully engage in these events, registration is required for both the workshop and the field trip. Check the Wednesday Weekly for sign-up details!

Let’s unite to celebrate our differences and champion a community where all learners can thrive. Mark your calendars for September 5th to 8th, and prepare for a week of growth, understanding, and connection.


Kara Parkins