Month: August 2022

whole learner guiding principle

Whole Learner as a Guiding Principle

August 31, 2022

How is it going? Are you finding your rhythm? Are you learning more about yourself and your children as we find ourselves three weeks into homeschooling this year? I find […]

think positive

The Importance of Thinking Positive

August 29, 2022

This week our students will learn about the importance of Thinking Positive! It’s no surprise that people with a brighter outlook on life are not only happier, but also accomplish […]

Cottonwood Star Hadassah

Cottonwood Star of the Week: Hadassah

August 28, 2022

Our Cottonwood Star of the Week is Hadassah! Her mom says: Hadassah has chosen boldness over fear and is more than an overcomer!!! She expresses her creativity through ballet lessons […]


Diversity as a Guiding Principle

August 23, 2022

The first week of school flew by, and I have had the privilege to interact with many of you at various events, Zoom meetings, on our social platforms, phone calls, […]

Embracing Creativity!

August 22, 2022

This week our 7 Mindsets lesson is about Embracing Creativity! Students learn that we create new things in life when we’re being imaginative and innovative. If we want new experiences […]

Cottonwood star of the week

Our Cottonwood Stars

August 17, 2022

In Native American legend, cottonwood trees create the stars by holding star seeds within their branches. When stars were formed, they didn’t dwell in the heavens. Instead, they searched beneath […]

The homeschool journey is a marathon, not a sprint

The Homeschooling Journey is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

August 10, 2022

Are you and your children excited as the first official day of school approaches? We are filled with anticipation as we kick off the year alongside you! We have exciting […]

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