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Month: March 2023

Kindly Kara intro March 29, 2023

Learning with your kids, the second time around

March 29, 2023

As a homeschool parent, one of my absolute favorite things about this lifestyle is that I get to learn alongside my children. I feel so fortunate as a homeschool parent […]

hands around globe

March Mindset: We are Connected

March 27, 2023

This month our students have been learning about embracing others, prioritizing relationships, building dream teams, and leading with value. Our students have come to understand the many ways we are […]

Kindly Kara intro image - family

The Family Connection

March 22, 2023

Dear fellow homeschoolers, It is about this time each year when I find myself reflective and filled with gratitude for the opportunities the current school year has brought. You’re all […]

Image quote: "The most important trip you may take in life is meeting people halfway."

Leading with Value

March 20, 2023

This week our students learn about Leading with Value, which teaches them to build strong relationships with others by offering help before asking for help. Students are encouraged to look […]

Kindly Kara intro image 3/15/23

Springing into Spring

March 15, 2023

Ah, the winter blues. We’ve all experienced them at some point, haven’t we? The constant rain, the gloomy skies, and the never-ending cold can get the best of us. As […]


Building a Dream Team

March 13, 2023

This week our students learn about Building a Dream Team, which is about identifying the individuals who can support them in reaching their goals and living their dreams. Perhaps they […]

Kindly Kara intro image March 8, 2023

How to Avoid Burnout

March 8, 2023

Let’s be real – homeschooling is incredibly rewarding, and you chose to homeschool for valid and meaningful reasons. However, there are times when homeschooling can be really, really hard. You’re […]

Quote: Most important single ingredient in success is knowing how to get along

Maximize Positive Relationships

March 6, 2023

This week our students learn to Maximize Positive Relationships by identifying people who empower them and encourage them to accomplish their dreams. Students learn that if they work to spend […]

Kindly Kara intro image for March 1

Mix it Up: Parallel Learning, Field Trips and More…

March 1, 2023

Have I told you yet how great homeschooling is? I’ll repeat it if I haven’t said it enough in multiple weekly newsletters. Homeschooling is incredibly rewarding and fulfilling. However, it’s […]

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