Good fit for students who love reading

This time-tested educational approach dates back to ancient Greece and Rome and is a very popular homeschooling method. Study includes reading the great books and emphasizes reading and language, often including the study of Greek and Latin. Emphasis is on facts, critical thinking, rhetoric, and self-expression. Subject areas are taught in chronological order so learners can see how ideas and bodies of knowledge have evolved over time. Students are encouraged to go beyond mere comprehension or skill training to achieve an enriched understanding of both self and the world.

Although this method is more flexible, interactive, and experiential than traditional schooling, it is less so than other homeschooling methods. It would be a good fit for students who love reading or learning foreign languages, and parents who want an approach they can trust to deliver high-quality, academic-focused education. It is a respected approach to understanding how history influences how we live today. The approach leans toward exercises in abstract thinking over frequent tests and quizzes.