Encourages self-motivation

This is a well-proven, humanistic method that grew out of Maria Montessori’s work with special needs children. The approach focuses on the natural curiosity of students, allows free movement, and long unstructured time blocks (up to three hours). Learning plans are interest-based and individualized to each student. The instruction is a hands-off approach and is known to foster creativity.

The Montessori approach is readily adapted for young learners who respond to kinesthetic learning, as spatial and tactile intelligence are celebrated. The built-in flexibility makes this method suitable for special needs learners who need extra attention, as well as gifted children who prefer to move quickly through material. Although originally designed for a younger age group, this approach easily adapts to middle and high school-aged students. The style encourages self-motivation instead of competition and fits learners who respond well to open and fluid environments without much structure or rules.