Most flexible of the homeschooling options

Perhaps the most unique homeschooling option, unschooling is a reaction to conventional education. This free-form model is student-centered and individualistic and places a high priority on experiential, activity-based education. Basic skills like reading, writing, and arithmetic are taught, often by means of a variety of materials and technology, and are not conventionally tested or evaluated.

Most flexible of the homeschooling options, this approach is dictated by the students’ passions and is generally unstructured. Although this method includes book learning, it comprises mainly interactive experiences and self-directed exploration. Unschooling instruction requires a sense of adventure, and the role of the homeschool educator is more one of facilitator than teacher. This approach is not suited for students who need structure and rigor. It is good for those who believe learning is richer and more indelible when it’s aligned with needs and interests and for those who enjoy trying new things and inventing from scratch.