Dear Wonderful Homeschooling Families,

This week, let’s dive into the enchanting world of winter stories and literature, crafting personalized lessons that speak directly to the interests and learning styles of your precious learners. Take a literary adventure with each of your students, from TK to high school.

TK & Kindergarten Curiosities: Snowflake Adventures

Embark on a snowy journey with your little ones through tales like “The Snowy Day” and “Snowflake Bentley.” From creating simple snowflake art to counting those delicate crystals, let’s make the magic of winter come alive for your youngest scholars.

Elementary Explorations: Winter Folktales

Discover the rich tapestry of winter folklore from around the world with your elementary students. Whether it’s the Russian folktale “The Snow Maiden” or the Inuit story “The Wintermaker,” spark their imagination with creative storytelling, cultural comparisons, and hands-on crafts.

Middle School Mysteries: Literary Snow Adventures

Engage your middle schoolers with classic winter mysteries and adventures like “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe” or “The Call of the Wild.” Unravel the layers of literature with them, fostering critical thinking through creative writing exercises and exploring the historical context of these stories.

High School Heights: Analyzing Winter Classics

Challenge your high school learners to analyze the complexities of winter classics such as “Frankenstein” or “Ethan Frome.” Dive into deep discussions on symbolism, character development, and historical contexts, encouraging analytical thinking and a deeper appreciation for literature.

Looking for more winter story ideas? Pinterest is a treasure trove, and there are various lists to scour all over the web in addition to your local library!

Let the magic of winter stories be the guiding light as you tailor lessons to the diverse needs of your unique learners. May you take a literary adventure with your kids that sparks curiosity and a lifelong love for the written word.


Kara Parkins, Parent Support Advisor