I can hardly believe we are bidding farewell to April showers and welcoming the vibrant blooms of May. We are in the Final Learning Period and are submitting the last of our attendance and work samples. This is the time of year when it’s natural to reflect on our homeschooling journey thus far. While the traditional school year is drawing to a close, however, we stand at the threshold of a new season filled with boundless learning opportunities. Homeschool learning is a year-round experience, after all. As the days grow longer and warmer, the world around us becomes a canvas for exploration and discovery, inviting us to delve into a tapestry of seasonal wonders.

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Reflecting on the Journey

As we pause to reflect on the milestones and memories of the past academic year, let’s also look ahead with anticipation and excitement. The transition from one school year to the next offers a moment for introspection and planning, as we consider the successes, challenges, and aspirations that shape our educational path. Remember to mark your calendars and sign up for our upcoming Curriculum Showcase on May 10th, which provides a perfect opportunity to explore a diverse array of resources and curriculum options to inspire and inform your homeschooling journey for the year ahead.

Embracing Seasonal Learning

In the spirit of embracing the natural rhythms of the seasons, let’s dive into a world of exploration and discovery, where learning knows no bounds!

Blossoming with Flowers: In the symphony of nature, flowers take center stage during the merry month of May. Let’s celebrate their beauty and significance with a bouquet of activities:

  • Color-Changing Flowers: Witness the magic of science as you transform ordinary white flowers into vibrant hues. Gather your supplies and embark on a colorful adventure together!
  • Draw or Paint Flowers: Channel your inner artist and capture the essence of spring with sketches or paintings of blooming flowers. Let creativity blossom as you explore the world of botanical artistry.
  • Plant Flowers: Whether you have a sprawling garden or a cozy balcony, planting flowers is a delightful way to connect with nature. Get your hands dirty and watch as seeds transform into blossoming treasures!

Nature’s Path: A Hike Awaits – Step into the great outdoors and embark on a journey of exploration. Whether you’re navigating wooded trails or strolling through neighborhood parks, May invites us to embrace the wonders of the natural world.

Picnic Pleasures: Pack a basket filled with your favorite treats and venture outdoors for a leisurely picnic. Whether you opt for a grassy meadow or a sandy beach, let laughter and good food nourish your spirits as you soak in the warmth of the sun.

Pollinator Party: Join the buzz of activity as we celebrate the unsung heroes of the natural world: pollinators! Dive into captivating books, embark on butterfly garden adventures, and marvel at the intricate dance of bees and butterflies.

Cultivating Mindfulness: Did you know that May is Mental Health Awareness Month? Let’s take time to nurture our inner landscapes. Explore the transformative power of meditation, journaling, and mindful movement as we cultivate resilience and well-being with our children. Refer to our Self Talk newsletters for inspiration.

May your homeschooling journey be filled with wonder, curiosity, and moments of pure joy. As we embrace the warmth of May and look ahead to the adventures that await, let’s cherish the opportunity to learn, grow, and bloom together.


Kara Parkins