Winter weather decided to show up and show off! The rain we so desperately needed is here, and it looks like another storm system is on the way. The novelty of winter storms only last so long. Lengthy, dark days with children stuck inside can drag on and on. The energy and noise of cooped-up kids can generate tension for you, the homeschooling parent, and the kids! Have you noticed an increase in conflict and bad moods? There are fun, inexpensive, low prep (energy) solutions for rainy day boredom and blues. Rainy days inspire unconventional learning and fun. We have some ideas and would love to hear yours on our Community Facebook page. We also pinned some excellent posts on our Pinterest page with fantastic ideas I am eager to explore with my children.

Do a New Science Experiment

Rainy days are opportune times to try new things. I challenge you to try a new science experiment! Have you used Mystery Science? You can find it on your Clever dashboard. They are easy and fascinating! You can find countless experiments with a Google search with items you likely have in your kitchen cupboards.

‘Tis the Season for Baking!

I enjoy cooking and baking but often lack the time and energy during busy days and homeschooling. Rainy days usually mean canceled plans and activities! There is no better time to bake and cook new recipes like a day when you are already stuck inside. Cooking and baking are exciting and inspirational for children. When approached as a learning opportunity, it also checks the box for reading and math.

Take a break!

Imagine a day when you do nothing. Sometimes our brains just need a nice break. Consider removing everything except the mandatory items like Language Arts and Math from the agenda, and just relax! It is fascinating to discover that the days that follow the relaxation day are often very inspired. Amazing things happen when we give our brains a rest.

Paint, Create, Draw, or Craft

Workbooks can seem extra hum-drum on rainy days, especially multiple days in a row. Inspire your homeschool day with art time. What could this look like without a ton of planning and preparation? Simple! Set up art supplies and let the kids go to town. It doesn’t have to be structured. Let them be the creators. You won’t believe how much fun can be had with zero parameters and the right supplies. If you want something less messy and more directed, try Art Hub for Kids on YouTube or other drawing tutorials. My kids LOVE these lessons, and they are great boredom-busters.

Make music!

Music is one of those itms that gets put on the back burner with packed schedules and homeschool days. I am not talking about music lessons and practice. I mean music just for fun. You can inspire learning on rainy days while making music, inventing instruments and melodies, and dancing! Instruments can be made of just about anything. Challenge your kids to find materials and design their own. Pots and pans hanging out in your kitchen are an obvious go-to, but what else can they discover?

Video Games

I am sure your kids have an allotted amount of video game time. Perhaps more than you’d prefer, but how often to you sit and play with them? You may discover that there is a lot of learning hidden within those games. Along with the learning, connecting with kids doing things that they love is a great way to bond and have fun together. We discovered some really cool trivia games we could all play from our devices that fed to our TV. Ask your kids, and they may know what I am talking about. Apparently, it is all the rage. 😉

Gameschooling & Puzzles

Have you heard of game schooling yet? I’ve mentioned it a time or two in past newsletters, but it is one of my favorite homeschooling hacks. It’s straightforward. Use board games in your homeschooling day as another way to teach and learn. This play-based learning can tackle important concepts effectively. Our current favorites are Ticket to Ride, Battleship, Dominos, and Monopoly. What games do you love to play with your kids? Another great way to spend quality time and pass hours with your kids is puzzles. We usually have a puzzle going at all times, where any one of us passively places a few pieces when we have a spare moment, but on rainy days, we often sit and do a puzzle, start to finish with a cup of hot chocolate and popcorn.

All of the ideas I shared above include indoor activities. I could go on and on to include fort building, puppet shows, read-alouds, and more. You have ideas that we would benefit from hearing. Again, take to sharing on our Facebook page and check out some other great ideas on our Rainy Day Homeschooling Pinterest board. The bottom line is that there are so many ways to shake things up and make these rainy days extra unique and fun. We hope you stay warm, safe, and dry and enjoy extra snuggles and rain-inspired learning!