ORI Information for Partners

What is an ORI?

An ORI is a nine-character identifier containing both alpha and numeric characters assigned by FBI CJIS which validates legal authorization to access Criminal Justice Information (CJI) and identifies the agency in all transactions.c

Why do I need an ORI?

Effective January 2022, Ed Code 45125.1 requires that “Any entity that has a contract with a local educational agency shall ensure that any employee who interacts with pupils, outside of the immediate supervision and control of the pupil’s parent or guardian or a school employee, has a valid criminal records summary as described in Section 44237.”

Benefits for your Business:

  • Applying for an ORI number is FREE!
  • Having the ability to conduct criminal background checks on your employees provides you and your business with an additional layer of protection and minimizes your liability risks.
  • Your employees would only need to be fingerprinted ONE time using your ORI instead of needing to be fingerprinted for each school that you partner with.
  • You and your employees would only need to pay for fingerprints ONE time (average cost is $70-80 per person).

How to apply:

1. Complete this DOJ ORI Application.
2. Email the completed application to authorizationquestions@doj.ca.gov or mail to:

Department of Justice
Applicant Information and Certification Program
P.O. Box 903387
Sacramento, CA 94203-3870